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Take hold of your own performance

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Document the moments that count

Each moment in your day to day builds out your story. Don't go another day without documenting the impact of each of your contributions.


Keep a tidy record of your progress

Whether a daily progress meeting with your team or a 1:1 with your manager, stay organized in communicating your efforts, accomplishments and opportunities.


Share your outcomes and impact

Easily pull weekly, monthly, or annual messaging from the app and share to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and all other internal Performance Management tools.

Voice To Text

We all are busy! And diligent notes take time. Instead, speak on it! A few voice notes go along way.

Excel In Reviews

Never be unprepared for the need for clarity about your work. CountrPT will do it for you. Just ask!

Optimize Your Experience

Need inspiration and clues about your career growth? CountrPT finds the gaps and points them out to you.


Review completion

6 days

Review prep

3 mos

Avg review lead time


Chance to impress

advocate with ease

Documentation = success

A winning formula for progress in your career is being able to document your work, plan your goals and keep up with opportunities to gain the skills for future success. With CountrPT, you are able to do this with as little as a simple command.

effective performance reviews

Clear communication + structured agenda

Own the conversation with your boss about your performance in a clear and structured way. Gain insights that help you lead any performance conversation, and feel assured that you have the blueprint you need to feel confident in your work.

In the times where you feel the most down, lost, or confused in your career, having a way to look back and see all that you have accomplished is so powerful. Let your work speak for itself because you worked hard to accomplish that!

Ash Hynie


Always be writing the documentation. Do not wait till the end. You will dread all of the work and it will take you a much longer time to recap and remember all you did.

Mitchell Hein

Oregon State University

No one likes going backwards.
Documentation is the last thing most people want to work on, but it is the only thing that carries your ability into the future and compounds into new opportunity

Jack Butcher


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